Artist Statement

My process is methodical and laborious, yet my work depicts moments in time – capturing instances in which traditionally beautiful objects undergo a violent process of change. I juxtapose items that decay, such as flowers, mountains, fabric and flesh, with moments of violent disruption and land displacement: explosions. Explosions reveal built-up tension and disperse energy in a limited space of time. The resulting organized chaos resembles our daily lives and external influences.

 My primary medium is paper: a soft, pliable material which I use precisely because it is fragile. We tend to think of our communities, structures and institutions as permanent, when they are so often revealed to be as fragile and malleable as paper.

 By way of initial collages my explosions often consist of several volcanic eruptions and floral bouquets arranged to emphasize a chaotic environment. In this day and age, we are constantly bombarded by invasive external influences, which seem to be growing in number and frequency. I aim to create a moment of respite from that chaos while simultaneously depicting it.